‘Nailing a great wilderness time-lapse’ by Adventure Film Cameraman Jim Anderson

‘I always try and relate a time-lapse to the context of the story. Look around the environment you are in and see what will connect with your narrative. Choose a strong frame and think how this might change over time. If it will change a lot, it’s likely you’ll make a great time-lapse’.

‘Plan your timings. If your heading out to see the sunrise or the sunset, time is against you. Make sure you know what you need with you and the best spot to capture the shot. You don’t want to be caught out searching for the right lens or looking for a location as the sun slowly disappears, trust me it’s heartbreaking’.

Kit used:

  • Sony a7s
  • Canon 16-35mm
  • Syrup genie motion control
  • Hauge Sider